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Polycarbonate is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic, which combines superior mechanical, optical, thermal and electrical properties offered separately by metals, glass and other plastics.

Polycarbonate is available in different grades and can be extruded, blow and injection moulded. Polycarbonate is also used in compounds or blended with other polymers.



Commercial Application

  • Unreinforced Standard Grade
  • Unreinforced Flame Retardant Grade
  • Glass Reinforced grade
  • Special grade


Polycarbonate resin is used as moulds, sheets, blends, films and compounds in the following sector

  • Electronic, Electrical and Instrumentation industry
  • Optical storage devices
  • Automobile sector
  • Safety and security appliances
  • Writing instruments
  • Construction sector
  • Household and domestic ware
  • Lighting
  • Medical devices

Emerging applications

Emerging applications of polycarbonates include plastic glazing, inhalers, orthopedic devices and lab-on-a-chip devices for determining blood chemistry or analyzing proteins.

Process outline

Most polycarbonate is produced via routes that use phosgene and bisphenol-A.

Several producers have commercialized processes that use non phosgene route and several of the new polycarbonate plants employ non phosgene processes.

Global Scenario

Global demand

1.8 million metric tonnes per annum

Major global producers

Major global producers include the following :

  • GE Plastics
  • Dow Chemical
  • Bayer
  • Polimeri Europa
  • Mitsubishi Engg. Plastics
  • LG Dow Polycarbonate
  • Formosa Idemitsu Petrochemical