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The following are some case studies of Nandini's solutions in different industry segments.


Project Examples by Industry:-

Client Base


Title of the project: Status of clinical trial in India on sodium hyaluronate as osteoarthritis medical device

Client Type: Japanese company


To study the present status of clinical trial and related government regulations in India

NANDINI's Solutions:

Status was ascertained and firm recommendations provided on strategies for market entry in India and the competitor's profile

Title of the project: Demand supply scenario for vitamin A

Client Type: Nutraceutical company in India


To study the export possibilities

NANDINI's Solutions:

A global study was conducted and export prospects discussed.

Title of the project: Techno economic feasibility study for caffeine (food and pharma grade) from tea waste

Client Type: Tea plantation company in India


To study the techno economic feasibility and recommend appropriate capacity for the project

NANDINI's Solutions:

Study was conducted and firm recommendations provided.