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The following are some case studies of Nandini's solutions in different industry segments.


Project Examples by Industry:-

Client Base


Title of the project: Appropriate process technology for manufacturing pigment grade titanium dioxide

Client Type: Large organization operating in multiple areas in India


To study the merits and demerits of sulphate and chloride based technology in Indian conditions

NANDINI's Solutions:

Recommended chloride based technology

Title of the project: Copper phthalo cyanine blue and green(organic pigment)

Client Type: Europe based organization looking to source from India


To identify Indian producers with large capacity and globally competitive product specification

NANDINI's Solutions:

Identified a few suitable producers and provided recommendations.

Title of the project: Investigation on the suitability of available raw material for the production of iron oxide pigment (yellow, red and black)

Client Type: Mine owner in central India with availability of large quantity of iron dust


To test the specification of the available raw material and find out its suitability for adoption in established technology practices

NANDINI's Solutions:

On the basis of extensive investigation, provided the view that the raw material would not be suitable.