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Nandini maintains an extensive database monitoring current and expected future trends globally in different subsegments of chemical industry. We monitor trends in production, price, consumption patterns, evolving supply chains, manufacturing processes, M&A, amongst others. Our market monitoring helps us understand and detect emerging conditions that enables us to advice our clients with their business issues.

Some of the key industry issues we tackle are

Business Growth

We can help you gain rapid, sustainable and profitable growth.

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Technology Assessment

Our engineers can help assess suitable technology options for your manufacturing facility

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Identification of Market Opportunities

We help identify greenfield market opportunities in chemical industry based on client capabilities and specific needs

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Margin and value chain analysis

We can assess and benchmark the value chain of your manufacturing process and perform a margin analysis of every step of the value chain

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Mergers, Acquisitions and due diligence

We can help you with commercial due diligence to identify commercial risks and opportunities in mergers and acquisitions.

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Market Entry

We can help you to assess market opportunity, size, pricing and growth, participants, and technology to facilitate market entry

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