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The following are some case studies of Nandini's solutions in different industry segments.


Project Examples by Industry:-

Client Base


Title of the project: Investment opportunity for butene-1

Client Type: Petrochemical producer in Eastern India


Long term Indian and global market forecast for butene-1

NANDINI's Solutions:

Strong market prospects for butene-1 was identified and capacity recommended for new project in India

Title of the project: SWOT analysis for Mono ethylene glycol

Client Type: Chemical manufacturer in Central India


To conduct the SWOT analysis for the project in India

NANDINI's Solutions:

The performance analysis of existing producers and their prospects were studied and analysed

Title of the project: Market study for nitric acid in India

Client Type: Large fertilizer producer in India


To recommend whether the nitric acid should be used entirely for production of derivative products or can also be sold in the merchant market in India.

NANDINI's Solutions:

Detailed All India market study was conducted and firm recommendations provided