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The following are some case studies of Nandini's solutions addressing key client business issues.


Project Examples by Business Issues:-

Client Base

Identification of market opportunities

Client Type: A Belgium based multinational


The client wanted to shortlist appropriate biocides products with applications in health care sector, for manufacturing in India.

NANDINI Solutions:

Nandini recommended a basket of biocides for manufacture in India with firm recommendations on market entry strategy.

Client Type: A leading oil and gas multinational based in Trinidad and Tobago


The client wanted to identify inorganic chemical products for investment in Trinidad and Tobago.

NANDINI Solutions:

Nandini studied the strengths of Trinidad and feedstock availability and export potential in the region to arrive at 20 projects that were viable investment opportunities with potential for growth. The client accepted the recommendations and embarked on scouting for suitable partners for investment in the projects.