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The following are some case studies of Nandini's solutions addressing key client business issues.


Project Examples by Business Issues:-

Client Base

Market Entry

Client Type: A Japanese multinational


The client wanted to source Ashwangadha extract, a herbal product from the Indian market.

NANDINI Solutions:

Nandini identified the producers with appropriate specifications, capacity in India and made firm recommendations for procurement in India for Japanese operations of the client.

Client Type: A leading Korean company wanted market entry in Africa for Ammonia based products


A leading chemical producing company in South Korea wanted market entry in Africa for Ammonia based products.

NANDINI Solutions:

Identified Nitric Acid and based derivatives for marketing in selected regions in Africa with recommendations of marketing strategies.

Client Type: A Belgian company


A Belgian company seeking market entry in India for Animal feed products

NANDINI Solutions:

Identified Phosphate based animal feed products for marketing in India with specific strategy for achieving significant market share in cattle and poultry sectors.