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The following are some case studies of Nandini's solutions addressing key client business issues.


Project Examples by Business Issues:-

Client Base

Margin and Value Chain Analysis

Client Type: Global multinational consumer products giant


The client has manufacturing facilities around the world producing consumer products in personal care, detergents and soaps, and foods. The client wanted to perform value chain analysis to break down the costs across the entire value chain including manufacturing process, for a wide range of chemicals used.

NANDINI Solutions:

Nandini identified the manufacturing processes used, cost breakdown in the manufacturing processes, in several countries as per the prevailing scenario in the targeted countries.

Client Type: A French automobile multinational with manufacturing operations in India


The client wanted to benchmark the value chain of automotive coatings in six developing countries, for appropriate sourcing strategy

NANDINI Solutions:

A primary study was carried out in the six targeted countries to assess the domestic value chains of the automotive coatings in the respective countries. Appropriate analysis of manufacturing competitiveness of automotive coatings in the respective countries was made and client was presented with recommendations on sourcing strategy.