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Chemical Market Research

Chemical Industry Market Research & Market Intelligence


Whether you are looking to develop a specialty chemical market or a website oriented chemical business “Nandini chemicals” will help you set a robust base through in-depth chemical industry market research. We understand the need for your core business through optimal consultation and tailor the resources based on your requirement.

A detailed understanding of the historic and current market trend stands as the key factor for a successful business. Thus as a helping aid, our chemical consultants who are experts in chemical engineering will prepare you global product reports/technology reports with case studies for better understanding. We will involve and interpret the modern practices and techniques that are followed in recent times among industrial chemical suppliers/distributors.

Through our chemical consulting service we will abruptly create a proper strategy through qualitative and quantitative analysis for your business knowing the modern terms to yield high productivity. Our domain professionals will research the metrics and vital factors that are lacking compared to competitors and seek for a clear perspective to leverage your firm high among other chemical distributors.

Each of our processes will be unique since we deal with different chemical related business. As of common, we do market research and look for product demand in various places for setting it up. Of course, the scope would be determined by your requirements, type of product/project, and type of study, whether global or regional. So far we have worked with many industrial chemical suppliers, petrochemical industry and many other chemical industries in India as well as aboard.

Many companies and consulting houses around the world use our reports to quickly gain an understanding of the markets, players, new projects, and technologies of a product. We also do research analyses for chemical companies who deal with speciality chemicals like caustic soda, Nitric acid etc. Both regional and global chemical industry market research will be done in your favour.

For example, a typical global report on a chemical could consist of:

  • Product characteristics
  • Producer's specification
  • Product applications
  • Major Manufacturers, plant closures and mergers
  • Price trends
  • New projects under planning/implementation, if any
  • Assessment of demand
  • Driving factors for demand and growth rate in demand
  • Projected demand/supply scenario for the next 5 years
  • Broad outline of manufacturing process and technology development
  • Sources of technology
  • Raw material requirements and availability
  • Environmental issues
  • Factors influencing the position for new industry and recommendations

Global Marketing

Why use NANDINI?

  • Retaining NANDINI's services is an ideal way to keep pace with the latest technology and market trends, which can always be supplemented with your own first hand research
  • Our chemical industry market research database is updated on a daily basis and so you get the latest information
  • We customize the report to your needs. Yet our customized reports are comparable in price that you would pay for the off-the-shelf reports that may already be out of date when you buy it
  • We stand behind our work and provide follow up services for our reports. You can have further email consultation even after the submission of the reports from our end
  • We have been in business for over twenty seven years years and have hundreds of satisfied customers, who will vouch for our professional, thorough and meticulous services