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Global Market Research


We can provide you with global product reports / technology reports, customized to your needs, relatively quickly and in a cost-effective manner. We have a highly qualified and experienced talent pool of chemists and chemical engineers based in India which can provide you a custom report at a very affordable price.

Our custom reports can fill the need not met by our product profile reports readily available for many products.

Many companies from around the world and consulting houses use our reports to quickly gain an understanding on the markets, players, new projects, and technologies of a product.

For example, a typical global report on a chemical could consist of:

  • Product characteristics
  • Producer's specification
  • Product applications
  • Major Manufacturers, plant closures and mergers
  • Price trends
  • New projects under planning/implementation, if any
  • Assessment of demand
  • Driving factors for demand and growth rate in demand
  • Projected demand/supply scenario for the next 5 years
  • Broad outline of manufacturing process and technology development
  • Sources of technology
  • Raw material requirements and availability
  • Environmental issues
  • Factors influencing the position for new industry and recommendations
Global Marketing

Of course, the scope would be determined by your requirements, type of product / project, and type of study, whether global, or regional.

We have also done regional studies for many regions including US / North America, Europe, India, Middle East, and Far East. So if you are interested in regional markets, we would concentrate on the regional aspects.

Why use NANDINI?

  • Retaining NANDINI's services is an ideal way to keep pace with the latest technology and market trends, which can always be supplemented with your own first hand research
  • Our database is updated on a daily basis and so you get the latest information
  • We customize the report to your needs. Yet our customized reports are comparable in price that you would pay for the off-the-shelf reports that may already be out of date when you buy it
  • We stand behind our work and provide follow up services for our reports. You can have further email consultation even after the submission of the reports from our end
  • We have been in business for over twenty seven years years and have hundreds of satisfied customers, who will vouch for our professional, thorough and meticulous services