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Chemical Industry Research Report


With our extensive and continuously updated database, NANDINI is in a unique position to quickly provide reliable research reports based on professional research and analysis on global/regional markets. Because we are based in India, our reports are extremely affordable, costing a fraction of what it would cost to have such a research done elsewhere. We also provide services to other consulting houses and research firms where we can quickly provide background research and our clients can enhance it with their own primary research.


Evergreen™ Global Product Profile Report:

  • Typically around 40-50 pages depending on topic.
  • Price: US$ 3,000 for products from this list of products
  • The scope on this is fixed and cannot be changed. For other products or for customized scope, we can promptly provide you with a quote
  • Format: PDF document, sent by email
  • Publication Date: Evergreen™ publication- Updated frequently, at least once every six months
  • Delivery Date: Typically 5-15 business days after receipt of order with payment
  • Subject matter: Choose from these products that we routinely track and therefore provide a quicker turnaround time for these, but we will do custom research for others
  • Content: Scope as below
  • Methodology: The standard profile reports on many of these chemicals are prepared largely from the data we have collect daily and maintain in our database. Gaps in the data is filled by additional secondary and primary research
  • Ordering info: You can order these online (click add to cart button below), and just before checkout you can mention your requirements including the product in the comments box. Or you can also contact us with the details / clarifications of your needs after ordering.

Content of our Profile Reports:

  • Product analysis - characteristics, specifications and applications
  • Supply analysis - global manufacturers, new projects under planning / implementation
  • Global installed capacity level and regionwise capacity
  • Global price trends
  • Global demand drivers (and growth rate in demand)
  • Global demand, regionwise demand and application sectorwise demand
  • Broad outline of manufacturing process and technology developments
  • Prognosis
Global Marketing

See list of products that we routinely track. If what you are looking for is not listed, or you want to customize the content, do contact us for a prompt custom quote.

Evergreen™ Detailed /Custom Reports

  • Could be more detailed than profiles or reports above, and on topics / chemicals not covered by our profile report. The scope and topic can be customized.
  • Price: depends upon the topic and scope and is quoted based on your requirements. Do contact us with your needs
  • Time for completion: Let us know your requirements. If it is from our list of about 700 products, then the turnaround will be quicker (around 4-8 weeks). Else we will specify this in our proposal
  • Format: PDF document, sent by email
  • Subject matter: We track many products continually to provide fairly quick turnaround time for these, but we will do custom research for others
  • Content: Typical content as below, but we will tailor it to your requirements. The focus can be global or regional
  • Ordering info: Upon learning your requirements, we will send you a custom quote and proposal. We will also invoice you (payment via paypal or check). Once you pay this invoice, via credit card to paypal or via check, then we will commence the work.
  • Additional Consulting: The price includes reasonable consultation with NANDINI via email or phone. We want you to be a satisfied and repeat customer and will do everything in our power to provide quality work.
  • Do contact us today with your requirements

Typical Content

(Note: This is a representative content of a more detailed report, but we will customize this to your requirements)
  • Overview
  • Product Characteristics, producer's specs and product applications
  • Global Product Outlook (Any major changes in the market, foreseeable environmental problems)
  • Global Price Trends(Historical, current, and 5-year projections)
  • Global Production/capacity/demand volumes (Historical, current, and 5-year projections) (includes sector-wise demand)
  • Global Competitors (who's in the market, where are the manufacturing units, projects in the pipeline)
  • End uses (what market and how and why used)
  • Manufacturing Technologies (what are the major ways to manufacture material, technology sources)
  • Raw material requirements and availability
  • Environmental and Regulatory Issues
  • Discussions on economic capacity
  • Estimation of project cost
  • Driving Forces and Growth rate in demand
  • Industry Analysis (including mergers and alliances)
  • Profiles of Major Players
  • SWOT Analysis(Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Conclusions and Recommendations