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The following are some case studies of Nandini's solutions in different industry segments.


Project Examples by Industry:-

Client Base


Title of the project: Market study for complex fertilizers in specified states in India

Client Type: Large fertilizer producer in Western India


To assess the likely market share in specified states for proposed new project

NANDINI's Solutions:

Based on the demand supply scenario, the market share for proposed project was assessed and recommendations provided for market entry strategies.

Title of the project: Techno economic feasibility study on bio fertilizers

Client Type: Multi national company operating in India


To assess the farmers perspectives on preference for bio fertilizers vis a vis conventional fertilisers

NANDINI's Solutions:

Based on detailed discussions with cross section of farmers and stake holders, the challenges in market penetration for bio fertilizers were identified and appropriate recommendation provided to promote the sale of bio fertilizers

Title of the project: Prospects for starch based Lactic acid / Poly lactic acid project and technology status in India.

Client Type: Large public sector organization in Western India


To identify the demand potential for lactic acid / poly lactic acid in India and ascertain the status of indigenous technology

NANDINI's Solutions:

Poly lactic acid is yet to penetrate significantly in Indian market. Strategy for market entry recommended. Technology acquisition from abroad was recommended.