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We are a group of experienced Chemical Industry professionals providing original advisory services on Chemical and allied industries. For over 20 years, we have been providing advice on investment opportunities in the chemical industry. Our activities in advisory services include custom market research, feasibility studies, investment advice, detailed product reports.

We carry out rigorous and independent market research with the help of our extensive in-house knowledge base and our highly qualified staff of chemical engineers and technologists. Our extensive knowledge base tracks demand and supply situations of hundreds of chemical products globally, technology and its upgradation, technology sources, and several other aspects of chemical industries.

Nandini Consultancy

We publish Nandini Chemical Journal covering the latest news, markets, and trends in India and globally for chemical and allied industries. We publish timely, informative articles providing critical analyses and overview of developments in the chemical industry.

We publish directories on manufacturers and suppliers in chemical and allied industries, covering biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural / agrochemical industries, petroleum / petrochemical industries, paint and pigment industries, plastics, polymers and packaging industries, and herbal chemical industries amongst others.


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Our mission is to be a leader in providing the chemical industry community with the market intelligence, knowledge and foresight to make well-informed, timely decisions.

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